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  • Precise and stable geometry

  • The load-bearing crane girder is part of the frame structure which, together with the legs at either end, forms a traveling bridge. The cranes run on ground-level rails instead of elevated crane runways

  • Single girder gantry crane are particularly effective for outdoor operation in storage yards and loading areas-


  • Engineered for application

  • Efficient solution at workstation level for indoor application

  • Specialized crane and girder design software enables optimum utilization of height and space thereby making it flexible for new or existing structures without extensive change to structures

  • Wheel rail combination is designed for long life

  • Precise machined tolerances for minimum wear is assured by the joints manufactured between the girders and end carriages

  • Can be equipped with two hoist & two trolleys for handling longer length jobs by synchronizing its hoisting and cross travel speed.

  • Controlling is done by pendant travelling station or optional radio controls

  • Low operation and maintenance costs, high uptime arising from optimized design.

  • Configurations of electric hoist can be customized

  • Prevention from damage of crane in stormy conditions is provided by optional rail clamp that locks it

  • Consistent performance

  • Torsional rigidity of both girders and end-carriages enables favorable utilization of the available height and space by the state-of-the-art design technology

  • Component selection and technology devised to be user friendly and for efficient load handling and reduced maintenance

  • Smooth handling and exact positioning of loads when supplied with VFD

  • Gantry crane can be provided with CRD system for long travel, its help to reducing the cost of gantry structure which is required for conventional EOT crane.

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