• 12/18, Raja Woodmunt Street, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India.



  • Exceptional load capacity and minimum deadweight

  • Precise and stable geometry

  • Load hook can be raised between the two crane girders which enables maximum lifting heights


  • Engineered for application

  • Use of specialized crane and girder design software makes it flexible for new or existing structures without extensive change to structures on account of optimum utilization of height and space

  • Low headroom crab system available on request to meet site constraints

  • Joints between the girders and end carriages are manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear

  • Wheel block made from highly wear-resistant GGG 70 spheroidal-graphite cast iron with self-lubricating properties

  • High efficiency

  • Offered with proven components selected for a long service life and high degree of reliability

  • Gear box and motor for hoisting and travel applications offered as standard are designed and built in Germany

  • High up-time and low operation and maintenance costs due to optimized design Consistent performance

  • Design technology ensures torsional rigidity of both girders and end-carriages, favorable utilization of the available height and space k Smooth handling and exact positioning of loads when supplied with VFD

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