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HC+ Series Technical Specifications



Capacity Range
250 kgs to 5000 kgs


3 mtrs to 20 mtrs


Hook Suspension
Trolley suspension

Single Fall
Double Fall



Wide range 250 kg to 5000 kg
Readily suitable for varied applications
Rugged European design  
Assured safety and reliability
Gravity die cast gear box body & cover
Assured improved performance & reduce dead weight
Precision machine cut case hardened alloy steel
gears and loan chain wheel 
Long life, smooth operation
Geared rotary limit switch & overload slipping clutch
Limits over travel prevents overloading of hoists
Easy to adjust upper & lower hook positions. Rugged design
Protection against overloading
Imported grade 80 surface hardened load chain
Strength & wear resistance with longer chain life
Robust design & built hoist brake motor single speed / dual speed
(Optional) brake motor suitable for extreme hoist
duty/ inching applications

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