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GC+ Hoists Technical Specifications



Capacity Range
1 Ton to 5 Ton


3 mtrs to 50 mtrs


Eyebolt Suspension
Hook Suspension
Trolley Suspension


Single Fall
Double fall



IP66 protection class is standard

The hoist body is sealed all around and can be used
under the most harsh conditions: even the motor is non ventilated.
Operating temp: -20° C to +45° C

World Class Hoist

Designed in conformity with FEM classification 1Am, 2m & 3m

Efficient Motor

Variable speed motors with preset 4:1 ratio for all frame
sizes and gear ratios

Motor insulation class H & IP66 Protection

Electronic overload protection set at 105 to 115% of SWL

Motor built for 360 starts / stops per hour and with 65% CDF

Innovative Design

Innovative design for super low headroom chain hoist technology

Aeronautic grade magnesium alloy cover for rigidity and
optimal head dissipation

High precision cast Aluminum gear box cover

Fast Acting Brake

Spring loaded disk brake will hold the load even in case
of motor or clutch failure

Double brake available as option

Inbuilt rectifier to control the brake

Single Speed / Dual Speed Options

Multiple speed options for same capacity

Overload Protection as Standard

Overload protection integrated in the hoist for user and
asset safety

Mechanical overload device (Slipping clutch) is set to
13—160% of SWL

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