• 12/18, Raja Woodmunt Street, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India.




  • Ideal for high density vertical storage Inbuilt forks for handling palletized loads

  • Load movement through guided mast/ lifting car for high operating safety & reliability

  • Can store/ retrieve pallets in any order. Crane mounted on racks or can be independently supported on gantries

  • Suitable for multi – aisle operation. All motion with electrical control. Pallet / load rotation up to 330 degree inside aisle operation in narrow aisle space


  • Engineered for application

  • Compact chain hoist fitted between two girders to keep very low crane headroom above racks

  • Mast design enables narrow aisle operation

  • Single or double deep storage possible by unique fork and mast design

  • No derating of capacity at any level of storage

  • Electrical system assures availability of stacker crane round the clock

  • Saving in floor space due to utilization of vertical storage space and narrow aisle operation.

  • Demonstrated successes in multiple sites over years

  • High efficiency

  • Offered with proven components selected for a long service life and high degree of reliability

  • Optimized speeds to achieve higher throughput rate keeping lower cycle time

  • Low operation and maintenance costs, high uptime arising from optimized design

  • Reduced handling time due to exact positioning of stacker through use ofVVFD & PLC in all motion

  • Component selection and technology devised to be user friendly and for efficient load handling and reduced maintenance

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