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LR+ Hoists Technical Specifications


Capacity Range
Load capacity up to 2000 kg and wheelbase suspension up to 10 m.




– Ability to handle high flow of travelling trolleys
and lifting components;
– Modular parts that form the system can be coupled
easily and quickly, even at heights;
– Easy electrification of travel and lifting components,
with trailing cable system and / or conductor system with current collectors easily incorporated in the LR+ beam
without space consuming additional accessories or loss of balance
– The joint systems incorporated with binx nut and auto locking are used in the LR+ beams ensure the best functionality and reliability of the system
– Suspended on articulated joints in a ball and socket arrangement thereby minimizing horizontal forces and stress on support structures
– Standard trolleys are used in a manual push execution / electrical execution
– Flexible festoon line cable system with trolleys / flat four pole “Bus bar” with block plug for protection against
risks of accidental contact

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