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  • Exceptional load capacity and minimum deadweight Precise and stable geometry

  • Load hook can be raised between the two crane girders which enables maximum lifting heights

  • The load-bearing crane girder is part of the frame structure which, together with the legs at either end, forms a travelling bridge The cranes run on ground-level rails instead of elevated crane runways

  • Double-girder gantry crane can include standard access ladder, maintenance walkway, and hoist trolley maintenance platform Double girder gantry cranes are particularly effective for outdoor operation in storage yards and loading areas


  • Engineered for application

  • Efficient solution at workstation level for indoor application

  • Specialized crane and girder design software enables optimum utilization of height and space

  • Wheel rail combination is designed for long life

  • Joints between the girders and end carriages are manufactured to precise machined tolerances for minimum wear

  • Can be equipped with two hoist & two trolleys for handling longer jobs

  • Gantry crane can be provided with CRD system for long travel it helps in reducing the cost of gantry structure which is required for conventional EOT crane.

  • Controlled by pendant traveling station or optional radio controls

  • Low operation and maintenance costs, high uptime arising from optimized design

  • Customized electric hoist configurations are customized

  • Consistent performance

  • Component selection and technology devised to be user friendly and for efficient load handling and reduced maintenance

  • Smooth handling and exact positioning of loads when supplied with VFD

  • Torsional rigidity of girder and end carriages and favorable utilization of available height and space with state-of-the-art design technology.

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