• 12/18, Raja Woodmunt Street, Ground Floor, Kolkata - 700001, West Bengal, India.


Founded under the leadership of Shri Arvind Kumar Mishra with an experience of 32 years in the field of material handling equipment and solutions.

Balaji Industrials has been in partnership with INDEF – Hercules Hoists Limited (Bajaj Group Company) for the major material handling equipment and industrial cranes.

INDEF has been the industry leader nationally in terms of market share and reputation since their incorporation in the year 1962 in Germany.

Balaji Industrials is also the Authorized Dealer for Bharat Wire Ropes Limited for wire ropes in various constructions for multi-faceted usage.

The complete product portfolio is encompassed by 9 brands that have been an integral part of the SCM of the major industry leading companies in the primary secondary and tertiary sector.


Number 1 Business Partner of BAJAJ INDEF awarded at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

A record 1302 new clients served and built in the F.Y 2021-22.

Awarded by INDEF for having the highest and the most consistent growth in the past 5 years.

A 21.78% YoY growth for the current financial year.

A stronghold in the Eastern Region with exponential growth in the remaining markets of the country being testified by 48.76% of the Turnover contributed by the Northern, Southern, Central and Western Region markets in India for the F.Y 2021-22.

Spares contributing to 8.44% of the total Turnover, a testimonial to our after sales support and service for prolonging the operating life of the products supplied by us to our users.


The products are manufactured in plants that conform to the highest quality standards that provide zero defects.

The manufacturing units conform to the most stringent safety standards and norms with almost completely automated processes that lead to minimal wastage and defects.

The products also come with a Material Test Certificate, a Quality Assurance Plan and a dispatch inspection checklist that can be provided to the clients so that they can place complete reliance on the quality of the products being provided to them.

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