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  • Pivot arms are being combined with pneumatic rope balances

  • Option to choose from different model ranges depending on the part weight to achieve the optimal ratio between payload and the deadweight that needs to be moved.


Specials and Advantages

  • designed according to the relevant

  • standards and rules

  • FEM calculations

  • long-term trials and vibration tests in our

  • test facility

  • assembly of standard-components

  • maximum flexibility due to screw connections

  • identical cylinder for pillar mounted and

  • hanging type

  • usage of maintenance-free bearings

  • (special designed for ZASCHE)

  • usage of special smooth-running

  • pneumatic cylinders

  • endlessly turning on pillar possible

  • especially smooth running

  • only little hand-force for moving

Pivot arms KSL-L and KSL-M

  • combination of balancer D-BP or Speed hoist with pivot arm

  • exact and smooth positioning of loads

  • effortless handling

  • quick handling of loads in very short cycle times

  • low dead weight, since balancer/hoist is mounted on pillar

  • no steel structure and KBK necessary

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