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INDEF-M (1T-10T) Technical specifications


Capacity Range
1Ton to 10 Ton
1 Fall to 4 Fall


Light weight and sturdy design ease of handling
Lifelong lubrication Minimal maintenance required
Surface hardened gears
Extended working life
Built with needle roller bearings
High operating efficiency
Machined guide rollers
Smooth passage of load chain
Smooth hand chain operation
Unique cover design with anti-corrosive powder coated finish
– Smooth chain options & better aesthetics
Self-sustaining maintenance free friction brake
Increased uptime
Unique cover design with anti-corrosive
Powder coated finish
Tested for 50% overload
Assured safety
European design, proven over 20 years
Assured reliability
Grade 80 load chain for strength & wear 
Longer chain life

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